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A Poet on Faith

Anna is a dear sister on the Bhakti path. Here is an inspiration from her…~ Rukmini Walker

By Anna Cooperberg

I was meandering around Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia when I came upon a man seated behind on a small stool behind a tiny rickety table. On the table was a typewriter. “Pick a topic, get a poem,” the sign said. Intrigued, I walked over. “You can write a poem about anything?” I asked. “Anything you want,” he responded. I thought for a moment. “Faith. Write a poem about faith.” Immediately, he started typing. Clickety clack–you know how those old typewriters sound. I was strangely nervous to read the final product. Would the poem be any good? After a short while—and without pause—the poet removed a small piece of paper from the typewriter and presented it to me with a flourish.

Wallace Stevens wrote that “the poet is the priest of the invisible.” Poetry is so considered; it packs so much into just a few words. And that’s what makes it beautiful. It means different things to different people, because there is room for personal interpretation.

That park poet, Marshall James Kavanaugh (known as the Dream Poet for Hire), truly captured the invisible. Take a read, and see what this poem, written with wisdom and tact, means to you.