And Who am I to Think?

By Ananda Vrindavan Devi Dasi


And who am I to think

that this life is all there is?

That the beating heart that stops

is me?

Do I go out the window that is

Opened by a kind witness

to my last breath?

Though a window I do not need in the

Grand scheme of things, yet am grateful

For the warm-hearted gesture of love.

And is this life all that is?

I look at the stars and

Wonder who is looking at me

Wondering the same.

We live with thoughts and

Possibilities that stretch

far beyond the boundaries

Of our body because we are

that possibility.

We are that energy of life

that makes us live

We are the soul

that is free and longs for

The love and connection that

links it all, us all.

I think there’s more to life

than meets the eye

It’s an invitation for you, me,


to meet that more.

Ananda Vrindavan is one of my dearest friends. In addition to being a beautiful poet, she is the community president of ISKCON of DC.  Please visit their website at iskconofdc.org   Please watch for her poems to be regularly appearing on our Urban Devi website. — Rukmini