Gratefulness Embraces Parkinson’s

What would it mean to live daily in gratitude for a chronic debilitating disease? This heart-opened man, Tim Roberts, shares his raw and real insights… ~Rukmini Gratefulness Embraces Parkinson’s by Tim Roberts I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s just over three years ago when I was 50. Receiving the diagnosis from a matter-of-fact doctor was a […]

Open-Hearted Men

by Rukmini Walker  When I began writing this blog for our Urban Devi website, it was with the intention to uplift the often unheard voices of the Vaisnavis: women aspiring toward the path of Bhakti Yoga. That is, connecting to the Divine through the path of love in action, or serving in devotion. Throughout history, […]

Happy Black-eyed Susans and Unconditional Love

By Pranada Comtois I treasure Black-eyed Susan’s cheerful orange-yellow glow. They have a fire for life but not without graceful countenance. Spritely, joyful Susan’s deserve larger vases. When I must discard my yellow bundles of love, I put them in the dirt on both sides in the front of the house. They seed themselves. They […]

A Darshan of Our Dependence

by Rukmini Walker For the last week or so, I’ve been in South Florida, along with my sister, Susan, along with her very sensitive and caring artist husband, George, both of them from Maine. We’ve been here helping our ninety-one-year-old mother, Edith, transition into assisted living, from her own apartment, where she’s been living fairly […]

On Pessimism and Optimism from “The Shadow”

by BR. DAVID STEINDL-RAST, OSB If many people today are wallowing in pessimism, this may simply be the flip side of a culture in which everybody is expected to keep smiling and “have a nice day.” Someone says, “How are you?” and you respond, “Fine.” Have you ever said anything else in reply to “How […]

The Power of Vulnerability

An interview by Balaram Perez with Rukmini Walker In early June, I was interviewed by Balaram Perez at the beautiful and historic Bhaktivedanta Manor in England – the Manor house that was donated by George Harrison.  The interview was on the power of vulnerability, Bhakti Yoga, healthy relationships between men and women, parenting and much more.  I […]

It Acts Like Love

~ by Rabia of Basra (c.717-801)  ———— It acts like love – music – it reaches toward the face, touches it, and tries to let you know His promise: that all will be okay. It acts like love – music and, tells the feet, “You do not have to be so burdened.” My body is covered with […]

Do it from your heart

~by Denise Mihalek “Holy people like you, Swami, are the problem with the world.” said a powerful Indian politician to my teacher, Radhanath Swami, in the Mumbai airport.  “You’re not doing anything but asking people to pray and chant. What about the pollution, the poverty, the wars, the problems of the world?” Radhanath Swami answered […]