by Acyuta Gopi

To be Krishna conscious, is to be brave. To live spiritually, to ask soul-deep questions, to wonder; that is bravery. When the world will whisper to you to simply close your eyes and let your soul sleep, to force your gaze in the opposite direction of that cunning complacency, that is bravery. To lean in to the truth that you are more than this one moment, more than this one year, more, even, than this one lifetime, and to choose to walk in the faith that you are being prepared for a higher purpose, is bravery. Being you, sparkling and shimmering as you are, is brave. 

To understand the complex sadness that often envelops this world and to hope for the joy of transcendence in spite of it, is brave. To pray time and time again and wish and hope against hope for all the miracles that your soul absolutely knows it deserves, is brave. And to live, create, feel and love in a space dominated by the one singular thought that “I believe in Krishna. I have faith in Krishna. Krishna will always help me” is the ultimate act of bravery. Surrender is brave.

You are a warrior. Sharpen your weapons of faith and determination. Hone your skills of compassion and thoughtfulness. And let your overwhelming loving nature be your armor. 

You are a warrior. And you are brave. Don’t you ever forget that.