Deepening Our Comfort with Uncertainty

–By Kristi Nelson “You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith, and hope.”  ~ Thomas Merton I used to put myself to sleep by […]


-by Barbara Crooker This week, the news of the world is bleak, another war grinding on, and all these friends down with cancer, or worse, a little something long term that they won’t die of for twenty or thirty miserable years— And here I live in a house of weathered brick, where a man with […]

Living In The Season: Spring

By Susan Weiser Mason and George Mason Here in Damariscotta Mills, the alewives have returned, the star magnolias are in full bloom, and a delicate halo of yellowish green is emerging in the hardwood canopy. The arrival of Spring brings a welcome and magnificent surge of energy that speaks confidently of renewal. And not a moment too […]

Unlocking the True Self Through Love

by Urmila Devi Dasi Who are we? Our body grows in the womb and we enter the world with a ready-made identity as someone’s child, of a particular a gender and nationality. The various identities we clothe ourselves in are merely a mixture of social and cultural preferences, which come and go like trendy fashions. […]

Draupadi – Dishonored Yet Honorable

by Chaitanya Caran Prabhu  Draupadi’s admirable character is revealed in the most humiliating incident of her life: her attempted disrobing by the wicked Dushasana. Though victimized in body, she refuses to be victimized in heart. Her exceptional character transforms the lowest point in her life into the highest point. The incident in which she is […]

Beyond Border Control/Mind Control

-by Pranada Comtois The youth clad in hiking boots and jeans hoisted his back pack over his shoulder and hurried out in front of me. Swinging my head to the side to avoid the brusque movement of his pack, I slowed my step to give way to his determination. Perhaps he knew what to expect: […]

Living In The Season: Late Winter

My sister, Susan, is a Five Elements acupuncturist. She and her artist husband, George, live in Central Coastal Maine. Living, as they do, so close to Nature and her changing seasons is always an example to me, as I live my life as a much more urban person. Susan’s meditations on the changing seasons have […]

A Possible Alternative for Ayodhya?

–by Rukmini Walker This week The Times of India’s headline story was that the Indian Supreme Court has decided to send the 70 year old Babri Masjid Ayodhya litigation case to mediation. This is a very wise decision on their part. I’m reminded of the biblical story of King Solomon. Two different women were both […]

Meditation on the Shores of the Bay of Bengal

Denise from Sound Awakenings in Pennsylvania was with us on our India Kirtan Adventure in January. Here’s an offering from her as an inspiration for your Day!  All the best, Rukmini — by Denise Mihalik It was six am and all was quiet. It was a cool, misty morning well before sunrise. A few of us met to chant […]

The Heart of a Pilgrim

-by Zain Saraswati Jamal A ripe, mango-colored sun warms my skin as I acclimatize to the chaos of Puri streets. Dark almond eyes that resemble my own, gaze into my soul with deep recognition and linger upon my face as if trying to search for origin.  The sounds of ankle bells jingle through interludes of tuc […]