Krsna Becomes the Servant of His Devotee

~by Rukmini Walker In late December we were in the state of Gujarat in India, and my friends, Sadanandi, her husband, Vamsi Bihari, and their tiny son, Vaisnava, took me to the city of Dakor to visit the famous temple of Ranchor Rai*. As referenced in the footnote below, this temple celebrates the pastime of Krsna, […]

Taking Refuge

Krishnanandini is a dear god-sister who is in Vrndavan receiving Ayurvedic treatment for advanced cancer, and I was fortunate to visit with her.  Below, Mother Krishnanandini shares a beautiful meditation.  Please keep her in your prayers!  ~All the best, Rukmini Walker ~by Krsnanandini devi dasi Hare Krsna! Dear friends, some folks have inquired if I am […]

The Blind and the Lame

~by Rukmini Walker “Glory to the all-merciful Radha and Madana-mohana! I am lame and ill advised, yet They are my directors, and Their lotus feet are everything to me.” Caitanya Caritamrita Adi Lila 1.15   This verse, stunning in its humility, was spoken by Srila Krsnadas Kaviraj Goswami as one of the prayers of invocation […]

Om, Ang, Ung, Ong, and Amen

by Pranada Comtois I had so much fun writing that title. Isn’t it absolutely cool? I mean the sound. Say it out loud, it sings! In Music as Yoga Patrick Bernard explains that these sounds are variations of the same syllable of primordial sound–a spiritual energy with creative and transformative powers linked to the essence of consciousness. […]

What Will I Carry With Me Into the New Year?

by Rukmini Walker A friend and god-sister of mine, Urmila Devi, recently gave me a generous gift of an Amazon kindle. It’s been so useful, while traveling so much, instead of traveling with my usual overweight load of precious books. The other day, she was giving me a (second) lesson on how to use it. […]

Hare Krsna from India!

 ~ by Krsnanandini Devi Dasi ~ Hare Krsna! Just sharing a little Christmas thought from India: Most people know that Lord Jesus Christ did not appear on December 25. Because intelligent, thoughtful people have researched and given historical evidence to that fact. Most people know there is no Santa Claus who comes down a chimney […]

Walking the World

by Rukmini Walker Be an invisible guide, like the scent of roses that shows where the inner garden is. ~ Rumi To travel through the world in a mood of detachment carrying within ourselves the inner knowledge and identity that, I am spirit. I am not of this world. My home is elsewhere. I belong to Krsna. […]

Contagious Compassion?

~by Rukmini Walker During the month of December, as the weather turns chilly, we can almost feel a sort of warming of the heart. People in the West feel a generosity of  Christmas spirit, and people in India think of Gita Jayanti, the time when the Bhagavad Gita was spoken. If your life has been […]

Why We Hide

~by Rambhoru Brinkmann  “Human beings above all, are relational creatures. They seek connection and they experience anxiety, terror, and depression when isolated.” (Jean Baker Miller). Central to Relational Cultural Theory is the notion that despite our yearning for deep, meaningful, growth-fostering relationships, we develop behaviors that push people away, sabotaging the very interpersonal connections we desire. […]

Emotions are Information

~by Rambhoru Brinkmann “Being a truly well and self-satisfied individual rests on the ability to understand the information that emotions give you and be able to skillfully utilize and respond to that information…Emotions are not negative or extraneous, but rather an important aspect of being human.” (Hannah Curtis, LCSW) Sometimes, in the interests of spiritual development, […]