Why We Hide

~by Rambhoru Brinkmann  “Human beings above all, are relational creatures. They seek connection and they experience anxiety, terror, and depression when isolated.” (Jean Baker Miller). Central to Relational Cultural Theory is the notion that despite our yearning for deep, meaningful, growth-fostering relationships, we develop behaviors that push people away, sabotaging the very interpersonal connections we desire. […]

Emotions are Information

~by Rambhoru Brinkmann “Being a truly well and self-satisfied individual rests on the ability to understand the information that emotions give you and be able to skillfully utilize and respond to that information…Emotions are not negative or extraneous, but rather an important aspect of being human.” (Hannah Curtis, LCSW) Sometimes, in the interests of spiritual development, […]

Rethinking the Holidays

By Lisa Day Lewis As we approach yet another holiday season in the United States, I invite readers to consider a new approach to celebration and the creation and perpetuation of family traditions. Currently cultural norms dictate celebrating by engaging in excess, extravagance and often glutinous behaviors.  While these traditions may be wrapped up with […]

Six Exchanges of Love

Krishnanandini is a dear god-sister who grew up in the tough neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio. Now she is in Vrndavan receiving Ayurvedic treatment for advanced cancer, and HH Radhanatha Swami Maharaj came to visit her.  Below, Mother Krishnanandini shares a very important insight on “six exchanges of love”.   Please keep her in your prayers!  All the […]

A Weed is a Flower in the Wrong Pot

by Rukmini Walker ~Part 2 of a series on Gardening of the Soul~ Click here to listen to the audio recording of this blog, read by the author: Blog text begins here….. To cultivate bhakti, is to cultivate the inner garden of your heart. This cultivation is compared to a tender, wish – fulfilling creeper […]

Why Does Srimati Radharani Give Us Darshan Of Her Divine Lotus Feet On Gopastami?

~Pastimes from Vrindavan~ Today Special Gopastami Darshan of Radharani’s Lotus Feet! WHY DOES SRIMATI RADHARANI GIVE US DARSAN OF HER DIVINE LOTUS FEET ON GOPASTAMI? The eighth day of Kartika’s bright fortnight marks an important day in Krishna’s Vrindavan pastimes, his initiation as a full-fledged cow-herder. This day, known as Gopastami, is the day Krishna […]

Govardhan Shelter

nija-nikata-nivasam dehi govardhana tvam “O Govardhan, please give me shelter near you.” ~ Srila Raghunath Das Goswami “Those who want to love God adopt the same spirit of one-pointed determination as the dualists and the same mood of utter humility and meekness, a necessary attitude for them to overcome the gulf separating a tiny soul […]

The Price of a Ticket Back Home ~ Humility

The month of Kartik which is dedicated to Srimati Radharani began on October 14. Here are some priceless meditations from the publication “The Price of a Ticket Back Home” to inspire you for this special month from my dear friend and sister Srimati and the Iskcon team who live in Sri Vrndavan Dham. ~ Rukmini Walker “.. at […]

A Poet on Faith

Anna is a dear sister on the Bhakti path. Here is an inspiration from her…~ Rukmini Walker By Anna Cooperberg I was meandering around Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia when I came upon a man seated behind on a small stool behind a tiny rickety table. On the table was a typewriter. “Pick a topic, get […]

Who is the Gardener?

by Rukmini Walker Part One Behold! We are not an earthly, but a heavenly plant!  -Plato For those of you who were not able to join us at last month’s Urban Devi Nature Retreat in Upstate New York, I thought to share the workshop I presented there, but in a few installments. Wisdom books of […]