Life out of Balance

by Ananda Vrindavan Devi There is a great verse in the Bhagavad-gita that speaks to balance. “He who is regulated in his habits of eating, sleeping, recreation and work can mitigate all material pains by practicing the yoga system.” [Ch.6.17] And we know from practical experience that when things are out of balance they don’t […]

Disappearance Day of His Holiness Bhaktitirtha Swami

~ by Rukmini Walker Today is the Disappearance Day of His Holiness Bhaktitirtha Swami, the world’s first African American Vaisnava (that is, the Bhakti path…) swami. Disappearance Day means the day he passed away from this world, in full consciousness of divinity, in full consciousness of Krsna. Someone in the full consciousness that he possessed does […]

A Pandemic of Covid, A Pandemic of Hatred

~by Rukmini Walker June 1, 2020 To listen to the audio version of the blog, please click here: “A riot is the language of the unheard” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Within the pandemic of covid, a pandemic of hatred is taking an equally toxic toll. We need a pandemic of healing, a pandemic of […]

It’s So Simple, You Could Miss It

~by Rukmini Walker  —– To listen to the audio version of the blog, please click here: It’s morning. I’m listening to a recording of a talk given in London by my guru, Srila Prabhupada. He often likes to cite parallels from ordinary life experiences, but today, I was struck hearing this one in particular. He […]

Living In The Season: Spring

Here is a deep meditation on entering into the Spring season, written by my sister, Susan and her husband George. They live in central coastal Maine where the Spring arrives later than many places of the world. Susan practices Five Element Acupuncture and what they offer here is informed by the wisdom of her practice. […]

The Appearance Day of the Half Lion, Half Man Avatar

by Rukmini Walker In this world there’s a tension between those who act to uplift the world, and those who exploit others thinking they will rise by pushing others down. The Appearance of the Half Man/Half Lion avatar Nara (man) Simha (lion) is a drama showing the universal dichotomy between those who try to exploit […]

Festival of the Holy Name Pandemic Kirtan

~by Rukmini Walker Mohini Ekadasi, May 3, 2020 Today is Mohini Ekadasi. The Ekadasi days fall every eleven days from the waning to the waxing moon. Ekadasi is a special day for receiving blessings and empowerment on the spiritual path. On the path of Bhakti, devotees observe Ekadasi by fasting completely, or fasting from grains […]

Leaning in, or Leaning Out?

~by Rukmini Walker~ —— “Let us not squander this hour of our pain” (Rilke) There’s a fleeting sense of relief when I indulge my anger to explode at another person. Usually quickly followed by a sweeping regret. What have I said or done? How has a valued relationship been shattered by my rash word or action? […]

Which Face of the Goddess Do We Wish To See?

~by Rukmini Walker “Grief and gratitude are kindred spirits, each pointing to the beauty of what is transient and given to us by grace.” (Patricia Campbell Carlson) We’re living in a time of paradox. The pandemic has trespassed all national borders. Tragically, thousands have died, and many more are ill or fighting for oxygen. The world […]