Do it from your heart

~by Denise Mihalek

“Holy people like you, Swami, are the problem with the world.” said a powerful Indian politician to my teacher, Radhanath Swami, in the Mumbai airport.  “You’re not doing anything but asking people to pray and chant. What about the pollution, the poverty, the wars, the problems of the world?”

Radhanath Swami answered simply…“We can clean up the entire world today but until we clean up our own hearts, tomorrow it will all be polluted again.”

Wow.  What a simple and powerful answer.  The child in me wants to say… “tell her about the programs you have developed to feed children, educate farmers and preserve the earth’s natural resources!”  But his message was so much more important.

And so, as I walk along the shoreline picking up trash, I look ahead and see that my one bag is hardly going to make a difference.  Discouraged, I begin to cry.  “Could I ever influence the consciousness of these polluters as I walk the shores alone?”

But then remembering Radhanath Swami’s words, I begin to chant gently, reach for another discarded plastic straw, and pray.  “Please purify my heart and let this action in some way help and teach others.

What you do matters.  How you do it also matters.   Perhaps no one will notice, perhaps no one will applaud.   Do it without asking for anything in return. Do it from your heart.

Peace and Light,

Denise Mihalik is a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Voice Teacher, Yoga and YogaVoice Instructor, Classical Singer, Kirtaniya, and Bhakti Yogi. Denise has been immersed in sound exploration since early childhood.  The sounds of nature and the world of music have greatly influenced her life.  She has been practicing yoga for the past 16 years and is a certified yoga and YogaVoice Instructor. You can connect with her at her website