Help Me Meet You

-by Acyuta Gopi

Someone can love you with all their heart and still, not be ready to meet you on the bridge. That place where soulmates meet and join hands to make it to the other side of life, both better for the experience.

I have heard that opinion over and over again. And yet…everyday You wait for me on the bridge. The bridge between what I have always done, and a new life, a new existence with You. Everyday You show up and wait. Sometimes You pace, sometimes You check the time in the rising and setting of the sun, sometimes You play an enticing tune on Your constant companion, somehow hoping to lure me closer and closer to “our spot”. But everyday, You are there.

Some days, I walk past, hidden by shadows and camouflaged by lifetimes of conditioning. Some days I almost get there, but I get ensnared by the vines of a million different desires, only to be mercilessly pricked by the innumerable thorns of disappointments which follow. Sometimes I get tangled in the web of never ending karma, wondering what my duty is, and what I should and should not do. Some days I am restrained by the prison bars of rules. Some days I am detained by intelligence of all things! Intelligence which tells me, like a disapproving family member, that I am me, and You are You, and that we have our separate paths to walk. That I have my separate path to walk. That I must find my way without You.

But some days…. I escape.

And on those days…I get so close to the bridge I can almost see You. The silhouette of Your form calling out to me with a beloved’s caress, the song of Your mercy leading me with a gentle tendril around my arm. Some days I am so close I can almost smell the intoxicating aroma which can only belong to You. Some days I am so close….

But…someone can love You with all their heart and soul, and somehow, still, they are unable to meet You on the bridge.

With countless tears in my eyes that spring from the very depths of my soul I am telling You that I know it is out of my hands. The power to meet You on our bridge lies only with You. I can only make it but so far. I can only take so many steps. I am depending on You to bridge the gap between us, hold tight to me, and pull me the rest of the way. Drag me if You must! I know I’m stubborn. I know I barely listen. I know! So I am depending on You.

Help me meet You there.
Help me meet You.

Photograph by Catherine Schweig (Krishna Kanta)

“For as long as I can remember, Kirtan or the Bhakti Yoga practice of mantra meditation through music has been the focus of my life. The art of writing soon took up residence in the spaces of my heart not occupied by music, and the transformative power of prayer soon followed suit. With the blessings of my family and my teachers, I have had the amazing fortune to travel the world singing, writing, and witnessing those heart transformations that I love so much, first hand. I can honestly say that conducting workshops, classes and seminars on kirtan has absolutely changed my life for the better, and I can’t think of a better way to live.  Now along with my family, I’ve focused my efforts on the NYC community and pouring my heart into the beautiful practices of Kirtan, writing, and the incredibly transformative tradition of Bhakti Yoga.” — Acyuta Gopi