Cloud Banks of Nectar

Oct. 15th, 2018

I am in South Florida today after completing a weekend of workshops at Casa Mannabliss in Del Ray Beach.

Each morning this past weekend, I would go to watch the sunrise on the beach. Each sunrise a light show play of pink sun rays transforming moment to moment the cloud banks sitting on the horizon.

Never having been there before, I watched the play of illusion: Are they a forest of trees? Are they clouds sitting there waiting to rise up to the sky?

There is an ocean of spiritual knowledge that is deep and inaccessible to us. Without the intercession of saints, that mystery remains beyond our reach.

Munificent clouds evaporate water from the ocean then float above us to bless and shower it onto dry land. Holy saints, sadhus and great teachers bless our dry and parched hearts with a shower of nectarine wisdom that can begin to awaken us from the dry isolation of desert-like hearts disconnected from our Source.

I long for that ocean spray of insight, of sweet connectivity where I will regain my long lost life, my long lost love for Sri Krsna, the One Who stands behind the sun. The Supreme Beloved, elusive to our understanding, but always there, waiting, watching for us to turn to Him in love.

All the best,

Rukmini Walker