Open-Hearted Men

by Rukmini Walker 

When I began writing this blog for our Urban Devi website, it was with the intention to uplift the often unheard voices of the Vaisnavis: women aspiring toward the path of Bhakti Yoga. That is, connecting to the Divine through the path of love in action, or serving in devotion.

Throughout history, in all cultures, both secular and spiritual, the voices of women have been fewer than those of the men. But I’ve always loved and sought out the poignancy of the voices of women – on all spiritual paths-in their poetry, their personal journals, and in all their writings.

This intention remains our focus. But I have to say, that so often it is open-hearted men who respond so gratefully to these posts we share.

In my personal life and in this community of Urban Devi, I have to express my deep gratitude for the open-hearted men, who, although male in gender, embody the compassionate qualities of the sacred feminine in their lives and in their actions.

I have to say, I would be remiss to not recognize them-both the great teachers, as well as those kind and tender-hearted men who are new to the path. Thank you, dear readers! We honor you all. Your names are too numerous to mention!

In the past, I’ve been called out for posting deep and wise thoughts written by men. After all, this is supposed to be a site written for women, by women!

But I just want to share with all of you that I will continue to share deep wisdom that resonates with Bhakti principles-whether it comes from a man or a woman, whether it comes from someone on the path of Bhakti, or someone of another tradition who shares the same realizations and goals.

Pure Bhakti is defined in the Srimad Bhagavatam as love of God in service, without ulterior motives for any particular payback in return.

I am Yours! Please give me the understanding of how I can love You more fully! How I can serve You better with my body, mind and soul?

This is the beautiful path of Bhakti. Like fire, when it touches us, we know!

All the best,

Rukmini Walker