You are a Sacred Spark of the One Supreme Whole

Rukmini Walker 💗 Most of us spend at least some of our waking energy comparing ourselves to others: our work output, our capabilities of various sorts, our intelligence, our beauty, our education, our agility in yoga, our financial stability, even our detachment from all of these things. Sometimes after comparing ourselves to another we feel […]

An Aristocratic Lady

Dear Friends, I was recently at Bhakti Center in New York where we have our monthly Urban Devi group. We are working with Visakha Dasi’s book, Five Years, Eleven Months, and a Lifetime of Unexpected Love. We discussed Chapter Seven, An Aristocratic Lady: Her metaphor for the awakening of faith in her heart. Visakha wrote: […]

Mantra: Sounds Into Silence

The DC premiere of the film, Mantra, Sounds into Silence is on Sunday, July 8th. My son, Gaura Vani was interviewed in the film and he will be leading kirtan at the theater after the film. There are a few tickets still left. I hope you can join us! Click here for ticket for the […]


I attended a talk a few nights ago at Bhakti Center ( given by Vaisiseka Das. An exemplary, happy devotee of Krsna. It seems that his effusive happiness springs from an overflowing well of gratitude in his heart. Gratitude for what he’s received, gratitude for what he’s been gifted to share. I think this is a […]

Vaishnavi Retreat Oct 5-7

VAISHNAVI RETREAT A BHAKTI INSPIRED RETREAT FOR WOMEN, BY WOMEN OCT 5-7   |   Cobb, CA A 3-day interactive retreat to celebrate and connect with other women of Bhakti and spiritual seekers alike in a refreshing, supportive environment. Through illuminating classes and seminars, meditative japa and kirtans and spirited festivities, this retreat’s purpose is to inspire you to progress in your spiritual journey back […]

Building Beloved Bhakti Community

by Rukmini Walker  Dear Friends, This past weekend on Long Island at the Heart of Yoga Retreat, we were discussing Building Beloved Bhakti Community. The term Beloved Community was used by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in conceiving an authentic community for the nonviolent civil disobedience movement. The Beloved Community manifests and protects agape love […]

Living in the Season

by Susan Weiser Mason Here in Damariscotta Mills, the alewives have returned, the star magnolias are in full bloom, and a delicate halo of yellowish green is emerging in the hardwood canopy. The arrival of Spring brings a welcome and magnificent surge of energy that speaks confidently of renewal. And not a moment too soon! […]

My Mother Wants a New Body by Rukmini Walker

My family and I were just visiting my mother, Edith, in Boca Raton, Florida to celebrate her 90th Birthday. As we honored her and celebrated her life, she declared that 90 is too old and that people shouldn’t really live that long. Gaura Vani tried to bless her by saying: “May you live as long […]

Karuna-Sindhu: Oceans of Compassion

At the heart of our own humanity is our ability to be sensitive to the feelings of others. When—upon seeing others suffering—we feel our own heart ache, and reach out to soothe their pain, we are living up to our highest human potential. This kindness, as I understand it, is compassion in action: the unsupportable […]