Watching Snow from an Upstairs Window

Dear Friends, I’m back home in Maryland now in the first days of Spring watching a mild blizzard of snow out my window. I returned from India on February 20th, hoping I’d missed winter. Actually, it’s beautiful though, and braver hearts than mine, like my sister, Susan and her husband George, would be out in […]

Mantra: Sound into Silence

Friday March 17 in NYC! My son, Gaura Vani, will be leading a kirtan after the screening of the new movie Mantra: Sounds into Silence at the Rubin Museum. Click here for tickets. Dear Kirtan Family, The practice of kirtan has touched us deeply. It has brought us great personal transformation, giving us a sense […]

Happy New Year

Dear Friends, Happy New Year to you all! I wish you many blessings in the coming year. For the past week, my husband and I have been in the south of India in one of the most holy temple cities called Tirupati. We came here for the third annual Vaisnava (the Bhakti Yoga tradition) Christian […]

You see that you can’t see

Last Monday morning at about 6 AM, my friend, Visakha and I set out from Mumbai to travel by car to the Govardhan Eco Village, about two hours outside of Mumbai. The usual deadlocked traffic is less at this time, so we drove through the early morning fog and smog with relative ease. India is a […]

Sound of a Sacred River

Jahnavi — Sound of a Sacred River — a short film from bhaktivedanta on Vimeo. This short film was made in Russia in October 2015, by a small team of filmmakers who are passionate about sharing the culture of bhakti yoga with the world. It was shot on location in Moscow and Sochi and profiles […]


I’m in Mumbai now, in the state of Maharashtra; at the other end of the spectrum from Govardhan, in Vrndavan, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Environmentally, socially, technologically, and in some ways, spiritually also. Although in India, glimpses of spirit are more thinly veiled than they seem in the West, even in modern cities […]

Pondering the Path from Mindfulness to Heartfullness

Have you ever been sitting in a kirtan* when the kirtan leader says, “Now, from the heart!”? And you wonder, “how do I find the place of my heart?” Of course, there’s the physical heart, with its ventricles and atria and valves and all. And research does show that even the physical actions of the heart are affected by […]