The Blind and the Lame Revisited

by Rukmini Walker A little while ago, I wrote to say that I’m still in India, and that I’ve been walking with crutches for the last six weeks. So, I’ve been slightly lame. But it’s been a healing kind of lame… A brilliant osteopathic surgeon here in Chennai has had me following his regimen of […]

Krsna Becomes the Servant of His Devotee

~by Rukmini Walker In late December we were in the state of Gujarat in India, and my friends, Sadanandi, her husband, Vamsi Bihari, and their tiny son, Vaisnava, took me to the city of Dakor to visit the famous temple of Ranchor Rai*. As referenced in the footnote below, this temple celebrates the pastime of Krsna, […]

Taking Refuge

Krishnanandini is a dear god-sister who is in Vrndavan receiving Ayurvedic treatment for advanced cancer, and I was fortunate to visit with her.  Below, Mother Krishnanandini shares a beautiful meditation.  Please keep her in your prayers!  ~All the best, Rukmini Walker ~by Krsnanandini devi dasi Hare Krsna! Dear friends, some folks have inquired if I am […]

The Blind and the Lame

~by Rukmini Walker “Glory to the all-merciful Radha and Madana-mohana! I am lame and ill advised, yet They are my directors, and Their lotus feet are everything to me.” Caitanya Caritamrita Adi Lila 1.15   This verse, stunning in its humility, was spoken by Srila Krsnadas Kaviraj Goswami as one of the prayers of invocation […]

Where are we going?

~presented by Ananda Vrndavan Devi This is a good question to ask ourselves at the end of the year. Or better yet, where do we want to go? And, are we headed in the right direction? We’ll take a look back and also share some thoughts and ideas for 2020. Please click here or on […]

Sound Awakenings

~by Denise Mihalek Namaste Sound Friends! ——– Sending each of you peace, love and light during this season and always. The best way that I know to share my heartfelt gratitude is through song. Please receive this recently recorded original melody as my gift to you. It’s simple and short, accompanied by the hapidrum.  Simply […]

Om, Ang, Ung, Ong, and Amen

by Pranada Comtois I had so much fun writing that title. Isn’t it absolutely cool? I mean the sound. Say it out loud, it sings! In Music as Yoga Patrick Bernard explains that these sounds are variations of the same syllable of primordial sound–a spiritual energy with creative and transformative powers linked to the essence of consciousness. […]

What Will I Carry With Me Into the New Year?

by Rukmini Walker A friend and god-sister of mine, Urmila Devi, recently gave me a generous gift of an Amazon kindle. It’s been so useful, while traveling so much, instead of traveling with my usual overweight load of precious books. The other day, she was giving me a (second) lesson on how to use it. […]


with Br. David Steindl-Rast We invite you to find a quiet place to experience the serenity of six blessings for everyday life as read by Br. David Steindl-Rast in this short, meditative video.    Experience the serenity of six blessings for everyday life in this new meditative film, “Blessings.” Read by Br. David Steindl-Rast, “a […]

Show Up Each Day

by Ananda Vrindavan Devi ——– Each day is a lifetime in itself It’s own universe We start again each day Moments that are right now Today, and that’s why We show up to our japa Each day, at some part of the day To anchor ourselves To connect with Krishna Beyond this life and the […]