The Price of a Ticket Back Home ~ Humility

The month of Kartik which is dedicated to Srimati Radharani began on October 14. Here are some priceless meditations from the publication “The Price of a Ticket Back Home” to inspire you for this special month from my dear friend and sister Srimati and the Iskcon team who live in Sri Vrndavan Dham. ~ Rukmini Walker “.. at […]

A Poet on Faith

Anna is a dear sister on the Bhakti path. Here is an inspiration from her…~ Rukmini Walker By Anna Cooperberg I was meandering around Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia when I came upon a man seated behind on a small stool behind a tiny rickety table. On the table was a typewriter. “Pick a topic, get […]

The Price of a Ticket Back Home: Meditations Part One

The month of Kartik which is dedicated to Srimati Radharani begins on Monday, Oct. 14th. Here are some priceless meditations to inspire you for the month of Kartik from my dear friend and sister Srimati who lives in Sri Vrndavan Dham. ~ Rukmini Walker The mega-merciful month of Karttika is fast approaching each and every […]

Living in the Season: Fall

By Susan Weiser Mason and George Mason Here in Damariscotta Mills, there have been a few big blows that have shaken down the deadwood, and the lawn is now strewn with kindling. I see muted colors melding all around me, creating a warm-toned blanket on the landscape of Fall. I admire the poise of this season as […]

Who is the Gardener?

by Rukmini Walker Part One Behold! We are not an earthly, but a heavenly plant!  -Plato For those of you who were not able to join us at last month’s Urban Devi Nature Retreat in Upstate New York, I thought to share the workshop I presented there, but in a few installments. Wisdom books of […]

Like an Uprooted Tree

~by Ananda Vrindavan Uproot yourself before life does it to you rudely and when you least expect it Slowly loosen the roots by the daily process of chanting break the soil of lifetimes of conditioning that make us think we belong here crack the hard earth that packs the roots by hearing about Krishna shake […]

The Stolen River

My dear friend and sister, Krishna-lila (Dr. Krisztina Danka), is an activist working to bring the world’s attention to the plight of the Yamuna River in India. Her film continues to win important international awards as more and more conscious people become aware of how India has turned a blind eye to this dire situation. […]

Impressions ~ Urban Devi Nature Retreat, Huguenot, New York

~by Rukmini Walker Last weekend we held an Urban Devi Nature Retreat in upstate New York. It was held at a thousand-acre retreat center on the bank of a lake. We gathered and sang kirtan by a bonfire at the lake each night, and we met inside by the fire in the lodge each morning. I led a workshop and […]

“Something Understood” – Faith and the Body

-presented by Jahnavi Harrison The birth of her nephew prompts musician Jahnavi Harrison to explore what she calls “the adventure of embodiment”. She looks at how physical activities, both ritual and everyday, can lead to a state of transcendence. Click here to listen in to this inspiring BBC Radio session. Jahnavi explains how yoga teaches […]

Come what May

I love these deep and authentic poems by my dear sister and friend, Ananda Vrndavan. She is present to each moment, observing her life with an introspective eye.   She is our community president here in Washington, DC. ~ Rukmini Walker ————- by Ananda Vrndavan Devi I heard the man’s jeans sweep against the floor […]