A Loan From God

Monday, September 10, 2018 A Loan From God, a podcast interview Shaunaka Rishi Das, an Irish-born Hindu and Director of the Oxford Centre of Hindu Studies, spent many years caring for his wife Keshava, who had chronic fatigue syndrome. In her mid-50s and suffering from depression, Keshava took her own life, with questions over the medical response leading […]


 by Ananda Vrindavan Devi Dasi —— Humility sits in quietness not needing nothing Being content It takes up less space On the outside For it’s large and beautiful self Owns all the rooms On the inside

Movable Kitchens, Puri, Odissa, India

November 12th, 2018 ———— Today I am in Puri, in the Indian state of Orissa on “yatra” (pilgrimage) with a group of 6,000 other pilgrims from India and around the world. This is the place of Lord Caitanya, Sri Krsna, coming in the mood of a devotee, the founder of the Sankirtan movement, which sparked […]

And Who am I to Think?

By Ananda Vrindavan Devi Dasi ——- And who am I to think that this life is all there is? That the beating heart that stops is me? Do I go out the window that is Opened by a kind witness to my last breath? Though a window I do not need in the Grand scheme […]


by ELAINE MANSFIELD I watch as green jewels with gold flecks wait to become butterflies. Two Monarchs pause in their chrysalises. I check them many times a day, hoping to see darkening, hoping for orange wings to show through the chrysalis skin, hoping they’ll make it out of here in warmth and sunshine, hoping they’ll fly […]

Into the Arms of an Old Friend

by Krishna Kanta Dasi Every once in a while a person may enter our lives with whom we feel an almost instantaneous, special connection. Although meeting for the first time, it feels as if we are being reunited with a long lost friend. This happened to me nearly three years ago, when Janavi entered my […]

Living in the Season: Fall

By Susan Weiser Mason (Rukmini Walker’s sister)  Here in Damariscotta Mills, there have been a few big blows that have shaken down the deadwood, and the lawn is now strewn with kindling. I see muted colors melding all around me, creating a warm-toned blanket on the landscape of Fall. I admire the poise of this […]

We Light A Candle

Oct. 30, 2018 Have you ever noticed that happy events in life seem to arrive coupled with tragic or unhappy ones? Last Saturday, a dear friend of ours was married, yesterday was the funeral of another friend. I remember on the day of my sister’s wedding, a beloved grandfather on the other side of the […]

Entering Kartika

It’s that time of year again in which the sun moves away from the Earth, temperatures drop and darker days start moving in. For many of the world’s major religious traditions, these darker autumn and winter months become an impetus to connect with our own inner light sources: our spiritual sparks. This is often represented […]