Plenitud ~ a cOMmunity project helping people in Puerto Rico

This was sent to me by our dear friend, Jose. Plenitud is a powerful community project helping people in Puerto Rico who have faced such tragedy. Please help them if you can!  ~All the best,  Rukmini Walker

Dear Friend,

Many friends and colleagues have asked what they can do to help Puerto Rico.

Recently I connected with a small community of young women on the island who are part of a program training students in sustainable agriculture called Plenitud. They are profoundly inspiring.

See their beautiful website:

If you feel inclined to assistant them with a donation, please do.

If you’re on the Island and would like to visit with them, call them and sit it up; their hospitality is deeply heart-centered.

And if you can put them in your prayers, I urge you to gift them in that manner.

Thank you.


Rev. Dr. José  M. Román