Praying for Moments of Change

I am praying for moments of profound change. Praying for one drop of taste for the Holy Name. Praying to be awakened to the reality of the pure Holy Name and the reality of this holy place. Sacinandana Swami said that we need to let the Holy Name go beyond the shore and open the gates of the heart and enter deep inside. He said that affection, chanting in relationship, is the key to accepting our helplessness in front of the ferocious uncontrolled mind. We have tried so hard to build a road to come to the Lord. But have we built the road for Krishna to come to us? How many tears, an ocean of tears are needed to call Him to us. I cry for so many other things instead. He said that we are all pilgrims and we only have the compass of the soul to show the way. We need to open the eyes of our conscious yearning of the soul. He said that these holy places fulfill that yearning of the soul. May each of us find what we are looking for! May you all be blessed! Giriraj Maharaj Kijay!

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

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