Radical Forgiveness

-by Denise Mihalik

Years ago a family member was admitted several times to a local mental health facility, and it was an incredibly challenging time for all of us. For years and years following, I avoided driving past the hospital, and when I had to, uncontrolled hurt, anger and grief would rise to the surface, and I would be lost in memories and regrets. At the mere mention of the institution’s name, I would grimace and shut down the conversation. I didn’t realize how much negativity I was clinging to and how that clinging was affecting my mental wellbeing. One day, a friend innocently mentioned that this facility was having a staff wellness fair and that I should consider offering sound healing sessions there. From the emotional state I just described, you can only imagine my reaction. I colorfully declined. My friend let it go.

A year later, a doctor from the hospital randomly reached out to me via email to invite me to offer sessions at the very same fair. I hesitated and took a breath. “Would it hurt to speak with someone about it?” I thought. I called and had a candid conversation with the organizer who was a social worker there. I shared with her some of my pain while she offered her perspective from her own heartbreak for clients and families. This helped to loosen my defensive barriers, and I was able to look beyond old pain and begin the healing process.

A few months later, I walked into the hospital with my heart pounding and breath short. I saw the needs of the staff and began to connect and offer sessions. Healing was had by all, myself included. Five years later, we continue a respectful and special relationship.

I share this story, not to be lauded for my heroic healing, but because, it’s my guess, that I’m not the only one who’s had to go through the process of radical forgiveness. May this encourage you in some way to continue forward in growth and expansion.

Love and Light!

Denise Mihalik is a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Voice Teacher, Yoga and YogaVoice Instructor, Classical Singer, Kirtaniya, and Bhakti Yogi. Denise has been immersed in sound exploration since early childhood.  The sounds of nature and the world of music have greatly influenced her life.  She has been practicing yoga for the past 16 years and is a certified yoga and YogaVoice Instructor. You can connect with her at her website