The Law of Opposites

-by Rukmini Walker

“This universe, O Supreme One! Is a most weird abode!”

(Bhaktivinode Thakur, in Saranagati)

In this world, everything seems to be different from the way it appears. Reality seems to be the opposite of what I see.

It seems that the more I chase pleasure, the more I feel pain. The more I seek honor, the more I can become dishonored. But then, we see those who dwell in humility, become those who are uplifted.

Our lives appear so permanent, but, in fact, time rushes by us, as the Gita says, “engaging all people”.

Our pleasures are fleeting, and when we try to hang on to them, they sift through our fingers like dry sand.

We hear that all things must pass. Is there anything of substance, anything of sustenance at all in this world?

On the path of Bhakti, we hear that there is another nature beyond this world of change and decay.

Our eternal nature is of that world, beyond this world–the name, form and qualities of God, Sri Krsna, descend as avatars from that world of reality to call us back, to awaken us to our real selves.

Can I call out in love with my whole heart? With an inkling of hope… Please carry me beyond this world where the law is of opposites!

O my Lord Krsna, I am Yours! Please accept me! I am Your eternal servant, but I have been wandering in opposition to my real nature. Wandering in this cycle of birth and death for so many eons of time, and I have forgotten You. Please accept me! When shall I see You again?

All the best,

Rukmini Walker