Thoughts on Prayer

by Nanda Carlson



The act of prayer

not for something I want

desire, or desperately need

but to pray in awe

of a vastness,


a true mystery

where I am held, tenderly

part of an expansive

eternal wholeness.

So big, beyond the edges and borders

there is freedom within

a Love beyond reason.

Even in this tiniest of moments,

it is made known,

it is there, as it always was

Source, the Divine, Reality, Truth…

always present, never alone, never waiting.

So I pray

from this experience

with humility and gratitude

for being a part of this

Great Love,

in relationship with the Divine

and all others

from this knowing comes

a way of living in this world.

We are love, we are loved,

we act from love,

our perception, choices,

words and thoughts

begin to change and unfold

from a place much bigger

then who we think we are.

As Love moves through us

we pray in gratitude,

we pray to remember,

we pray for love

and for that eternal connection

and all that we do and are

becomes Devotion.


(reprinted from Bhakti Blossoms, 2017,

with kind permission of Golden Dragonfly Press)