We all face that inner critic, the outer critics, and all those many voices of judgement and blame.  I love this observant piece, written by my dear friend, Ananda Vrindavan, our community president here in DC. Does it resonate with you as well? ~ Rukmini Walker

by Ananda Vrindavan

I have a friend who is an editor

Not a typo slips past her keen eyes

She also edits life and finds mistakes everywhere

And in everyone, likely in herself too

She had her office desk in front of a window

And saw a parade of everyone with wrong bits

Walking past. She couldn’t change them

But was wise enough to change her place

Moving to a small room with a smaller window

Where she could see the sky and trees

And began to smile more and frown less.

We can only change ourselves, sometimes location

Sometimes perspective, to fix the mistakes and to make

Love run more freely, no matter what living typos

Might walk in front of us, perfect in themselves.