Urban Devi Sanga ~ Women in Leadership

-by Rukmini Walker

Recently, women political leaders have been competing in the televised presidential debates. Including Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who is a devotee of Krsna.

What gifts can a woman bring to the table? Any table! The dinner table, political arena, in religion, in business, in finance, in law, in agriculture, in education…

Bhakti yogis honor the sacred balance between the divine masculine, Krsna, and Radha, the divine feminine. Radha is the compassionate nature of Krsna, and when we seek the blessings of Krsna, we are advised to approach Him through Radha’s grace.

Yet sometimes in this world we see that women’s voices remain unheard. Could the inclusion of more women’s voices bring us to a kinder way of life? Can a man also exemplify the ideals of feminine wisdom?

We see examples of leaders in history – both men and women – who have been cruel or compassionate. But still, women’s voices have always been fewer. Is there a fear of including women’s voices? Could it be partly our own fear?

Please join us on Sunday, July 28th, for the Urban Devi Sanga at Bhakti Center to explore these ideas! <–click here for more information.