Yellow Rose

-by Ananda Vrindavan Devi Dasi



A single rose

Peers out at me

From the glass jar

Reminding me of the day

You were born so many years

Before we even imagined this time

When a rose would be offered back to us

In gratitude for bringing you up in a world of

Service and spirituality, a world of love

And laughter, a world of caring and

Sharing. We received it with joy

Surprised and yet not at how

You now live your life and

Have become a giver

Of yellow flowers

And so much


Ananda Vrindavan is one of my dearest friends.  In addition to being a beautiful poet, she is the community president of ISKCON of DC.  Please visit their website at iskconofdc.org   Her poems regularly appear on our Urban Devi website.  — Rukmini