You are a Person Filled with Unlimited Love

Caitanya-bhakti can be cultivated in whatever position you are just by hearing the transcendental sound vibration of the scriptures and the holy name.  You can get the full mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  Each and every one of us can start here and this will bring us to the highest subjects which are almost inconceivable for us with our material, conditioned mind.  It brings us to the question of identity – spiritual identity.  Have you ever considered that maybe you are not a man?  Have you ever considered that maybe you are not a woman, but someone totally different?  Have you ever considered that maybe you are not your present body, but someone entirely different – a person who is full of love, unlimited love, a love so big that you cannot even attempt to describe it in the terms of this world?  The only approximation we have in this world – and it’s an approximation from a very far distance – is the unconditioned love of a mother to a child – there is the least selfishness.  This love can give us an idea of how selfless the love of the residents of Vrindavana and  the gopis, including the manjaris, is.

What Caitanya Mahaprabhu left us through his devotees is a relatable and doable path to enter the ocean of the real life of Krsna consciousness. I wish you that you can become ablaze with the fire of love because after all that is the greatest achievement and treasure you can go for in this human form of life.  My dear devotees, please understand Krsna consciousness with an aim – that “One day, I hope I will become a real bhakta, a real practitioner of bhakti.  Let me find out how I can live and feel bhakti and share it with others.”

~from a lecture by Sacinandana Swami in Almviks Gard, Sweden, August 3rd, 2018.

Sacinandana Swami has been a monk in the bhakti tradition for 42 years. With a highly developed divine feminine side than most, He is known for his significant contribution to the practice of contemplation and meditation for modern practitioners of bhakti.  Sacinandana Swami has published numerous books and CDs, and offers an array of retreats and seminars. Thousands of enthusiastic singers and dancers visit his kirtanconcerts.  He teaches at the Vrindavana Institute for Higher Education in India and the Bhaktivedanta College in Belgium.