Beyond Duality

by Sudharma Devi Dasi

My dear godsister, Sudharma Devi Dasi travelled for many years and shared Krsna consciousness through the Pacific Northwest, the Phillipines, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore helping to establish temples cultivating many in Krishna consciousness, holding home programs and sharing the books and teachings of Srila Prabhupada.

She now lives in Alachua, Florida where she’s started the 24/7 Alachua Community Radio show. Here is the link to it.

She wrote this thoughtful piece (below) about living Beyond Duality in this world with kindness, while honoring our own and others’ imperfections.

Read her words and be inspired!

All the best,

Rukmini Walker



To listen to an audio recording of Sudharma devi dasi’s piece, Beyond Duality,

please click on the play button below:

For every sun beam, there is a shadow

But not every shadow is simply a darkness, it can also be a cooling respite from the sun.

For everything good, an underside to the belly

For every warmth, there is a tear

For every cruelty, a kindness

But every tear is not of cruelty, some are born of kindness….and similarly, not every warmth is a kindness, but can be a cruelty

For every right there is a left

To north, there is a south

But if you travel far enough north, you will eventually find you are heading south.

For every gift, a price has been paid

For every song, an ear that could not hear

For every beauty an eye that could not see

In every heart an imperfection, a love to give and a heart that hurts

You want to be near enough to the fire to warm your hands and feet, but not too close, or you may burn.

The world is wrapped in duality.

So, how do we see God?

By rising beyond the duality.

We can love the sun for its warmth and find the shade in the shadow.

Sudharma Devi Dasi