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Building and Maintaining Relationships

In case you missed the last December Urban Devi, please click here or on the image below to listen.


Healthy relationships are an integral part of our devotional life in Krishna consciousness and a fundamental part of a balanced life in the world in general.

Drawing from Rupa Goswami’s description of loving exchanges and other relevant devotional and educational resources we will discuss the basic principles of building and maintaining healthy relationships in the various aspects of our lives – ranging from very intimate to friendly or formal acquaintance and even to relationships that require keeping a respectful distance.

Speaker Bio: Nanda-Nandana Dasi, a disciple of Hridayananda Dasa Goswami, has served in ISKCON as a cook, teacher, and leader. In 1992, she joined ISKCON in Boston, Massachusetts where she served as a head cook, preparing Deity offerings and managing the kitchen, as well as cooking for feasts, festivals, public programs, and events. Nanda-Nandana has trained in and taught seminars in Non-violent Communication, Mediation, Leadership Training, and Bhakti Sastri. Nanda-Nandana is currently living at the Krishna House in Gainesville, Florida where she manages and trains cooks in the kitchen department and occasionally teaches seminars, and Gita classes, and leads spiritual discussions at public events for the Krishna House Bhakti Academy.

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