Conversation Poetry

Building Strong Connections & Friendships in Krishna Consciousness

This is a poem that Ananda Vrndavan wrote about Krsnanandini. Krsnanandini gave a talk last week on the Vaisnavi Ministry site and Ananda was supposed to introduce her. Click here to listen to Krsnanandini’s talk.  Ananda, as the community president of ISKCON of DC, was busy organizing our temple’s Community Supported Agriculture distribution and the next few days of our Krsna Janmastami festivities. Below is the poem that Ananda had intended to read as an introduction.  All the best, Rukmini Walker

Krsnanandini devi is a poem
Because she does what good a poem does
She stops us in our tracks
Makes us pause and think and see things differently
Like a poem she touches our emotions, draws the feelings out of us
In her presence you feel like you are held in a warm embrace
And simultaneously swept away by the strength of her convictions
She is a short and crisp haiku
“Don’t say ‘I do me’ – say ‘I do Krishna!'”
And she is the couplet at the end of a sonnet
That forgives and extracts the best out of all situations
She is the Pilgrim’s Progress, but not an allegory
She is the living truth, the real deal of what we know
Love and cherish about the practice of Krishna Bhakti
She is the north star poem, leading the way 
Into that bright beautiful night full of stars
Connected and connecting others
To the sweet and full moon of Lord Krishna


Ananda Vrindavan
Community President