Deepavali – The Festival of Lights

~ by Sadhana Deepavali signifies the victory of good over evil and is the most celebrated festival in India and in countries with an Indian populous. The name may be spelled in various ways such as Diwali or Deepavali. In all these spelling variations, the key translation is “the festival of lights”. Light is understood […]

The Formation of our Spiritual Identity

~by Sacinandana Swami   How does one form an identity? Our social self is formed in contact with society – our friends, people with whom we interact, news which we hear, etc. Our spiritual self is formed in contact with the spiritual world, the society of Krsna devotees in the spiritual world, but also the association […]

Chaos and Crisis in Washington DC

by Anuttama Dasa, on Jan. 7, 2021 —— Lord Krishna explains in the sacred text, Bhagavad-Gita, “Whatever action a great man performs, others will follow. And whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues.” Yesterday in Washington, D.C., we saw the truth of this statement, and the terrible impact of the misguided thoughts, […]

Living in the Season: Fall

My sister, Susan and her husband, George live close to Nature in Central Coastal Maine. They feel the pulse of the change of seasons more acutely than we do here in the cities. In close harmony, honoring the earth, the way we humans are meant to live and flourish. ~Rukmini By Susan Weiser Mason and George Mason […]

COVID-19: The Bigger Picture

By Nirsimhananda Das There is so much fear, and perhaps rightfully so, about COVID-19 virus. If we subscribe to the philosophy that Krishna’s plan is always for our welfare, then the COVID-19 virus is here to help us. To reset. To remember. What is truly important. What is the purpose of life. By reconnecting with […]

Emergence Magazine

“Thrown all together, in one unrelenting present, we are made to recognize in one another what we deny most vehemently about ourselves: In the end, it’s our vulnerability that connects us.” —Jon Mooallem ——————————- As we wake up each morning amidst an unfolding global pandemic crisis—one that is bringing rapid and unexpected change into our […]

Looking for Essence

by Sacinandana Swami One of the fondest memories of my Vrindavan stay this year was a visit to a rural village somewhere near Varsana. We had just visited a little ashram with an underground cave for bhajan (prolonged contemplative spiritual practice) in the hot season (as it is much cooler under the earth) and were now […]

An Internal Meditation During the Season of Advent and Christmas

My husband and I have spent the last several days in Chennai, India hosting our fifth annual Vaisnava Christian Dialogue. Amidst so much religiously and politically motivated strife in other parts of India (and the world), we were blessed to share this time together with dear kindred friends who are Protestants, Catholics, Sri Vaisnavas and Caitanya […]

Never Leave this Path….

Taken from Sacinandana Swami’s “Saranagati ~ Teachings, Realizations and Inspirations”   In Sri Caitanya-Caritamrta the Lord says, “It is My vow that if one only once seriously surrenders unto Me, saying ‘My dear Lord, from this day I am Yours’, and prays to Me for fearlessness, I shall immediately award fearlessness to that person, and he […]