The Poetry of Nature

a conversation with Jahnavi Harrison   During late October’s Eco Bhakti Weekend, Grammy-nominated artist and BBC radio presenter Jahnavi Harrison reflected on how Bhakti poetry can help us to more connect to divinity through a deeper appreciation of the natural world.  The Eco Bhakti Weekend was organized by Yale University’s Ecology Forum in partnership with the Bhakti Center, NYC […]

Building Strong Connections & Friendships in Krishna Consciousness

This is a poem that Ananda Vrndavan wrote about Krsnanandini. Krsnanandini gave a talk last week on the Vaisnavi Ministry site and Ananda was supposed to introduce her. Click here to listen to Krsnanandini’s talk.  Ananda, as the community president of ISKCON of DC, was busy organizing our temple’s Community Supported Agriculture distribution and the next few days of our Krsna Janmastami […]

Troubleshooting relationships

~a special talk with Uttama devi dasi This month’s Urban Devi sanga featured special guest, Uttama devi dasi discussing how to troubleshoot relationships.  Good relationships are essential for our mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Navigating conflict is inevitable.  Utamma talks about how we can learn to do it respectfully. To listen to this inspiring […]

Engaged Bhakti podcast with Rukmini Walker

featuring Rukmini Walker in an interview with Krishna Kishore Dasa In this Engaged Bhakti podcast episode, Krishna Kishore Dasa (Dr. Christopher Fici) holds an enlivening discussion with Rukmini Walker on the meaning of women’s empowerment in spiritual life and how we can understand and express the ideal balance of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine in our everyday lives. […]

Our Kirtan went Viral – by Kishori Jani

~An interview with Kishore Jani~ Kishori Jani is a second generation devotee, born to two senior disciples of Srila Prabhupada. She had a unique upbringing that spanned both India and the USA. She is married to Birju Jani and together they have four young children all under the age of nine. She participated in the […]

Calm, Confident and Courageous Life with Madhvacarya

Madhvacarya Das is a deeply realized practitioner of Bhakti Yoga. He is also an anesthesiologist working long hours at a hospital in the Washington, DC area. This hospital is now completely converted to dealing with Covid-19 patients. He is the one who is most at risk dealing face to face with these patients. Listen intently […]

Grateful Changemakers: TreeSisters

-by the Gratefulness Team TreeSisters invites everyone to be in a relationship of radical generosity with the Earth and to assume leadership in ways that inspire others to do the same. Here in our feature “Grateful Changemakers”, we celebrate programs and projects that serve as beacons of gratefulness. These efforts elevate the values of grateful […]