The Role of the Feminine in Bhakti Yoga (Session 2)

In this interview, Rukmini Walker & Ashley Litecky Elenbaas explore the role of the feminine in Bhakti Yoga.  To watch, please click on the video image below. — About Ashley Elenbaas Ashley is the proprietor of sky house herb school and apothecary. She  teaches people about plants, lead wellness workshops and retreats, and spend copious amounts of time […]

The Launch of Bhakti Shakti!

On January 17, 2022, my Dear God Sister, Pranada Comtois will launch a new book called Bhakti Shakti about the sacred feminine Sri Radha live on Facebook/PranadaComtois.  To hear more about this exciting new book, please click on this link to listen to an interview we just did together. All the best, Rukmini Walker   […]

Manjuali Devi Dasi ~ A Life Shared on the Bhakti Path

On February 28, the monthly Urban Devi sanga featured Manjuali Devi Dasi sharing her personal reflections, daily actions, and the gifts of fellowship of the bhakti path.  She revealed how contemplative prayer, daily practice, and an enthusiasm to meet life’s daily challenges with awareness, support our quest for self-realization and a loving relationship with the Divine. She shares her insights […]

Where Devotion Meets Sustainability

a conversation with Radhanath Swami In the opening session of Eco-Bhakti in Action, spiritual teacher Radhanath Swami and ecological activist Gopal D. Patel discuss how to translate eco-wisdom into tangible action. To watch the session organized by Yale University’s Ecology Forum in partnership with the Bhakti Center, NYC and Princeton University Hindu Life Program, please click […]

Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energy

This is an interview I did for a group out of Mumbai called, Pavitra Connect. They are savvy, and forward-thinking, yet rooted in deep and wise values of spirituality. Being rooted in these values is the key to balance as we weather the many storms of this world.  Please click on this link or on […]

Prabhupada Memoirs with Rukmini Devi Dasi

~an interview with Rukmini Walker Jagannatha Kirtanananda Das in a conversation with Rukmini Devi Dasi explores the beginning of her spiritual life at the age of 16 and the pastimes with her spiritual father Srila Prabhupada. To listen to this special interview, please click on this link or on the image below.

What I have to offer never belonged to me

Presented by Jahnavi Harrison Here’s one of those tiny jewellike meditations by Jahnavi Harrison. Just right to center and focus your day. We live by the wisdom of realized devotees, like Jahnavi, on the path of Bhakti. We can try to imbibe her mood of offering to Krsna, so that we can come to find […]