Many Moons Podcast: The Vedic Women- Ideal or Unattainable with Garuda Das

As Srila Prabhupada dramatically underscored that, ‘you are not your body’, how do we deal with the fact that we are our bodies? Some propagate that following Vedic culture and gender norms is the panacea for solving all of ISKCON’s social issues. However, do Vaishnava and Vedic culture always align? Will being ‘Vedic’ help or […]

Where are we going?

~presented by Ananda Vrndavan Devi This is a good question to ask ourselves at the end of the year. Or better yet, where do we want to go? And, are we headed in the right direction? We’ll take a look back and also share some thoughts and ideas for 2020. Please click here or on […]

“Something Understood” – Faith and the Body

-presented by Jahnavi Harrison The birth of her nephew prompts musician Jahnavi Harrison to explore what she calls “the adventure of embodiment”. She looks at how physical activities, both ritual and everyday, can lead to a state of transcendence. Click here to listen in to this inspiring BBC Radio session. Jahnavi explains how yoga teaches […]

Something Understood: Brides of God

-presented by Jahnavi Harrison Musician Jahnavi Harrison interweaves music, prose and poetry in a celebration of the women who choose to dedicate their lives entirely to God.  Click here to listen in to this inspiring BBC Radio session. She explains that she has always been fascinated what it is that drives a woman to leave […]

Sacred Botany

BBC Radio 4 – Something Understood – ‘Sacred Botany’, Presented by Jahnavi Harrison Musician Jahnavi Harrison enters a world of sacred plants revealing that, in many religious traditions, plants are seen as spiritually symbolic – sometimes acting as intermediaries with the divine world. Jahnavi invites us on a journey to Vrindavan, a town two hours […]


Musician Jahnavi Harrison examines the ancient practice of mantra recitation and charts the spread of mantras from their Eastern origins to Western pop-culture. The origin of the word ‘mantra’ lies in the ancient Sanskrit language. It means literally ‘mana’ or mind/heart and ‘tra’ to transport or transcend. In a religious context, Jahnavi explains, a mantra […]

A Loan From God

Monday, September 10, 2018 A Loan From God, a podcast interview Shaunaka Rishi Das, an Irish-born Hindu and Director of the Oxford Centre of Hindu Studies, spent many years caring for his wife Keshava, who had chronic fatigue syndrome. In her mid-50s and suffering from depression, Keshava took her own life, with questions over the medical response leading […]