Kartik Sonnet #2

As the month of Kartik continues, here is another beautiful Kartik sonnet by Ananda Vrindavan Devi Dasi. —- Of lamps and lights this month is all too good It helps an eager traveler on their way Lean in, it calls, to those who think they could Take shelter with a song and verse to pray The […]

Kartik Sonnet

As Kartika month begins today, October 9th. Here is a beuatiful Kartik sonnet by Ananda Vrindavan Devi Dasi. As Kartik comes our hearts are drawn to You The autumn moon rises full and deep This month alone can have us start anew The lights and songs awaken our deep sleep It is a month that […]

Happy Appearance Day of Lord Balaram

A very Happy Balaram Jayanti, or Appearance Day of Lord Balaram to you all!  Here is a beautiful poem celebrating the holy Appearance Day of Lord Balaram on the full moon day, just like His effulgent moonlike complexion, this year on August 11. All the best, Rukmini Walker      

The Big Old Turtle

~by Ananda Vrindavan devi Dasi ————————————— He caught my eye As I drove by then turned around To stop and see him Large and brown and moving slowly He quickly drew in his elderly head And eyed me for my next move Which of course was nothing But to marvel at his body And to […]

Sit a Moment

~by Ananda Vrindavan devi dasi ————————————– Come mind, let’s sit together And chant the holy name I know you’ll find more Interesting things to do You’ll wander here and there But I’ll pull you back with affection Don’t you know your dreaming Is nothing compared to this moment With this mantra? Just once chanting is […]

Bittersweet Spring

We live each day in a world of duality. Here in the Washington DC area, the month of March, roars in like a lion with blustery cold winds, rain and hail. Yet, at the same time, the whole city is beautiful— blooming with yellow forsythia, the first pale pink cherry trees, and wild white flowering pear […]

Prayers by the Ocean

~by Ananda Vrindavan Devi Dasi —————————————- When I wander across the waters Of this material world May I always return to the shores  Of Krishna consciousness   When I marvel at the waves  Crashing and moving  With wild abandon May I always remember  The source of their power The supreme controller   When I am […]

Like Snow

~by Ananda Vrindavan devi dasi ————————————– Let our mantras Land like light snow Upon the ground of our being So that all else is silent and covered Except the soft sound of the Krishna’s name And our awakening sense of love and service Let our thoughts All fall in one direction Like the steady fall […]

Letting Go

by Rukmini Walker ————————- Autumn leaves show how— Be electrified by light!  One glides down to earth Or wind-spirited Thousands rustling down the street Lemmings to their glad demise Whole city ablaze Swan song of red, yellow and green Give your best til death Stark trees seek the sky  Sentinels release the past Leaf, moment— […]

Autumn Sounds

~by Ananada Vrindavan devi dasi ———————————————– My favorite sounds of Autumn As we move from cool to cold Are the sounds of the geese against the sky As they make their way south to home   They do not wait or think to stay ‘We’ll manage’ is not their mood They are up and away […]