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Commitment Leads Us To Freedom

~by Rukmini Walker

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“The need of the spirit soul is that he wants to get out of the limited sphere of material bondage and fulfill the desire for complete freedom. He wants to get out of the covered walls of the greater universe. He wants to see the free light and the spirit. That complete freedom is achieved when he meets the complete spirit, the Personality of Godhead.”  (Bhaktivedanta purport to Srimad Bhagavatam 1.2.8)

I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom recently. People these days want to be free to do anything they want, to say anything they want, and to even alter truth, if they feel like it.

The spirit soul has a natural longing for freedom. But how counterintuitive it is, that the more we indulge our wild minds and senses, the more we become imprisoned by them!

When an alcoholic commits to no longer drink, she becomes free from her addiction to the bottle. 

When a student commits to apply herself to her studies, she gains greater freedom in her future academic pursuits. When we commit to the daily regimen of a job, we gain the freedom of financial security.

When we commit to show up each day for our spiritual practice, we begin to free ourselves from the temporary. We begin to see ourselves as spirit, to never again be dissolved by death.

Commitment enables us to hear the voice within that beckons us to the free light and the spirit. We begin to taste the eternal. That commitment leads us to one day meet the complete spirit, the Personality of Godhead.

Commitment leads us to freedom.

All the best,

Rukmini Walker