Digging Out

~by Ananda Vrindavan Devi


As we slowly dig ourselves out

of the gleaming deep casts of snow

I begin to think of what other parts of our lives

could be snowed under and need to be reclaimed


Perhaps it is an old forgotten hurt that should be

forgiven and let go, set to melt

Maybe it’s a dream that’s been frozen

in the face of so much struggle to survive

Perhaps it needs to see the sunshine


Or could it be the evenings we need to dig out

or even one evening, to sit with family and talk

Or the early morning hours that we need to reclaim

to begin our day with words of prayers, mantras of hope

auspicious things and moods of giving

before we are snowed under again

with life and phones and time and forgetfulness


Perhaps we need to reclaim a day

to spend at the temple with Krishna

to sit and serve and be with Him

Perhaps we need to take down the walls of snow

we tend to hide behind

and bring our humbler self out under the blue sky

and ready to say – I need help to dig myself out of

this bodily concept of life, this temporary world of names

and be conscious of the urgent need to keep digging and digging

to reclaim our true and pure spirit selves, surely snowed in for many a lifetime.