India Pilgrimage

Have you always wanted to go to India, but had some trepidation about embarking on the journey? If so, this is the trip for you!

Let go of your fear and know that you’ll be in the best of hands with Gaura Vani and Rukmini! Both have multiple years of experience (more than we can count!) and have actually lived in India in the past. Be assured that you will be taken care of, you’ll always feel safe, you’ll stay in lovely accommodations, eat delicious food and visit places that will give you a deep and profound experience of India…not just the “tourist version”. If you want to see the sights and hear the stories and chant along with the Kirtan that bring the feeling of Bhakti alive then we invite you to join us!

We promise you will come back home with an open heart and a new perspective on life!

The link HERE will take you to the information form. Contact or +1 (240) 447-0245 for further questions.

Our itinerary will be as follows:

14 days/13 nightsJanuary 15-28
Mon. 1/15Arrive in Mumbai
Tues. 1/16Travel to Aurangabad
Wed. 1/17Aurangabad
Thurs. 1/18Aurangabad
Fri. 1/19Travel to Nasik
Sat 1/20Nasik
Sun. 1/21Nasik
Mon. 1/22Travel to Govardhan Eco Village
Tues. 1/23Govardhan Eco Village
Wed. 1/24Govardhan Eco Village
Thur. 1/25Govardhan Eco Village
Fri. 1/26 Travel to Mumbai
Sat. 1/27Flower Festival
Sun. 1/28Check out/Fly out