Lost in Material Energy

~by Ananda Vrindavan devi

Sometimes I get lost in material energy
I find pockets to hide in
When the intensity of life becomes too much
Facing my own shortcomings
My lack of faith, honesty, and love
Facing uncertainty
Facing others
Facing the road ahead

Sometimes I get lost in the world
Needing a quiet place to breath
Needing the sun on my side
The wind at my back
The mind under my feet

Sometimes I get lost and I
Sit by the side of the bhakti road
Wondering, questioning, resting
And always,
A word comes through
A message I need to see
Something I hear that fixes me up
Helps me stand up
With affection for my small self
And my efforts to serve
And more affection for others
And their efforts to serve
And to make it to the end
In one piece.