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On Ice

~A Musing by Rukmini Walker~


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Under the changing winter sky, ice and snow cover the ground today. Colder at night, all things contracting in the darkness.

Then, during the daytime, the sun shines to expand to crack and melt the ice.

Isn’t this the way nature works? A little opening, and then contraction going inside to gain strength. And then again, a little opening to try, to trust once again.

Always, but especially in winter. Intentions like seeds, rooting deeper, penetrating unseen under the surface. My aloneness, going within, then later feeds my connections with others. Like giving birth a contraction, going deeper, and then- an expansion to manifest something new, something never seen before.

Practicing attentive self-awareness, we may start to see that there is life in a planted seed working hard under the soil. And we may notice that the trees less likely to break are those that are able to sway with the wind. We may discern that the easy path isn’t always the right path. And everyone and everything can become our teacher. Children and strangers teach us. Animals teach us. When we are truly awake, even an ordinary moment teaches us something.” Joanne Cacciatore

All the best,

Rukmini Walker