Dear Friends, It’s Spring here in DC-still cold, but the cherries are flowering in pink; white flowering pears are columns of dignity lining the roads and hills; cheery yellow forsythia; my favorite, the star magnolia, our American lotus; and the wispy redbuds are all blooming in chorus. Last weekend we had our twenty-first annual Vaisnava […]

Sita’s Appearance Day

Today is the Appearance Day of Sita Devi. Srimati Sita Devi, a manifestation of the goddess of fortune, Lakshmi Devi, is the eternal consort of Lord Ramachandra. When Lord Ramachandra was banished to the Dandakaranya forest, Sita Devi left the comforts of the royal palace to join Him. While in the forest she was kidnapped by […]

Transcending Our Surroundings Through Love

Transcending Our Surroundings Through Love Krishna Kanta Dasi Whether we live in urban or rural settings, it is natural for the world around us—and those with whom we share our world—to affect us. We would hardly be human if they didn’t! We are, after all, interdependent with our environments. Therefore, an inevitable part of our […]

Urban Devi Discussion Group

a women’s discussion group dates – sundays, april 22, may 6, june 10, july 15, august 12 time – 2:00pm – 4:00pm location – the bhakti center / 3w admission – free of charge Topic: Discussing Visakha Dasi Latest Book: Five Years, Eleven Months and a Lifetime of Unexpected Love Urban Devi is a monthly […]

LA Times review of Mantra: Sound into Silence

‘Mantra: Sounds Into Silence’ examines the quiet power of shared singing For those who have been moved by a unified “om” at the end of a yoga class or harmonized in church, “Mantra: Sounds Into Silence” will resonate. This documentary examines the quiet power of shared singing, looking beyond religion and focusing on the connection […]

Thomas Merton’s Appreciation of Bhagavad Gita

VIEWPOINT: Fight or Flight: Thomas Merton and the Bhagavad Gītā Steven J. Rosen (Satyaraja Dasa) Editor, Journal of Vaishnava Studies TWO commemorative events of landmark stature inspired the essay you are about to read: First, the year 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Thomas Merton’s abrupt departure from our material vision. Second, 2018 is also […]

Capital Kirtan

Dear Friends, Here in DC over the past weekend, our Potomac temple hosted Capital Kirtan, a two-day kirtan festival. It was organized by the youth, and the kirtans were led by youth (starting at around age nine). The intention was to have more chanting and less talk. Still, Ananda, our community president, asked me to […]


In another passage in the Gitavali, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura states: Oh merciful Lord, this is my specific submission at Your lotus feet. I do not ask for bodily happiness, knowledge, wealth or followers… Let whatever attraction I presently have for material sense enjoyment be transformed into attraction and affection for Your lotus feet. I pray […]

Watching Snow from an Upstairs Window

Dear Friends, I’m back home in Maryland now in the first days of Spring watching a mild blizzard of snow out my window. I returned from India on February 20th, hoping I’d missed winter. Actually, it’s beautiful though, and braver hearts than mine, like my sister, Susan and her husband George, would be out in […]

Mantra: Sound into Silence

Friday March 17 in NYC! My son, Gaura Vani, will be leading a kirtan after the screening of the new movie Mantra: Sounds into Silence at the Rubin Museum. Click here for tickets. Dear Kirtan Family, The practice of kirtan has touched us deeply. It has brought us great personal transformation, giving us a sense […]