Sacred Sound 

~by Ananda Vrindavan devi dasi

Recently I worked on a series of 100 Haikus with the theme “Things I Hear”. Sound is the medium of transformation in the Krishna Bhakti practice – sacred sound to touch our true, eternal self. Even ordinary sound can prompt remembering Krishna if we are tuned in, what to speak of sacred sound. Here are a selection of the Haikus that were written around the Maha Mantra in Japa and Kirtan:


The Vraja Gopi’s

Hear the sound of Krishna’s flute

And run to meet love


Longing for Krishna

They move through the full moon night

Hearing their heartbeat


A powerful Name

Invites us to sit with it

Lean in and listen


Hearing and chanting

Are like sunshine for the soul

Go stand in the sun


Shh! Be still! Be still!

Listen to the sound of love

In sacred japa


My wild crazy mind

Sometimes makes a lot of noise

I chant to calm it down


The call and response

Hearing voices in return

Echo Krishna’s love


By hearing the Name

We give hospitality

To the deep self


All I have is me

To offer to You with Name

Please hear me calling


Brilliant as the sun

The holy Name loves us all

And keeps us closer


Does the holy Name

Fall like the sound of raindrops

On my open heart?


Uncountable love

The sound of non stop chanting

Where we want to be


Sweet and steadying

The Holy Name remedies

All my worrying


Dazzling Holy Name

Heals, frees, cleans, holds, and much more

Sound bath through the ear