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The Formation of our Spiritual Identity

~by Sacinandana Swami


How does one form an identity? Our social self is formed in contact with society – our friends, people with whom we interact, news which we hear, etc. Our spiritual self is formed in contact with the spiritual world, the society of Krsna devotees in the spiritual world, but also the association with devotees in this world.

I suggest that we all find good devotee sanga where we can ask confidential questions and where we can listen to their realized answers.  Where we can also do what is so necessary in our lives in order to grow: reveal our inner heart, our desires and reflect and explore them a little further.  Jiva Goswami wrote a verse in this connection which speaks very much to me: “Oh Krsna, my stone-like heart could not become transformed by You, nor could it be transformed by hearing about Your devotees.  However, when I heard about the exchange of love between the devotees and You, even my stone-like heart became transformed.”  There is no force in the universe which works better in transforming a materially bound heart into a free heart which seeks the shelter of Krsna out of taste for Krsna.  Nothing works better than hearing about the love which goes on in spiritual society, in the spiritual world. That will help you to form your spiritual self.

From Kartik Inspirations 2018 by Sacinandana Swami, #8