Urban Devi

Conscious and Contemporary

“This nothing is very much something”

~by Denise Mihalik


Namaste Sound Friends!

I’m excited to be finishing my first book­—and about learning to be a writer. It’s a completely different experience from all that I’ve already done. It’s immersive, vulnerable, fun and maddening. When my eyes, body and brain can take no more, I journey to the pond a few blocks away and immediately become mesmerized by the simple and profound ecosystem, both seen and unseen, beautiful and unsightly.

The tadpoles flutter to the surface for a quick nibble before returning to the shallow leafy murk, while the frogs’ wide eyes peek at the sun. The turtles float like a shadow, and the green backed heron, with its three young ones, learn how to fish.

Along the banks, two baby raccoons rustle the leaves while four ducklings hustle into the water, following their mother’s cue.

Located at an active intersection, I stand peering over the bridge, honoring the contrast of concrete and mud. For a few moments, I’m sucked into mother nature’s resilience, and the traffic disappears into the background.

It’s a very special pause and one that fills me with freshness.

The mind, however, is a funny thing. Often, one of my mental characters awakens and scoffs, “Enough, you’re wasting precious time just standing here doing nothing. Go do something productive.”

I almost succumb to the pressure until something deep within responds, “This nothing is very much something.”

Now, more than ever, with continued mounting world stress, taking pause is needed.

In this pause, we can catch our breath.
We can notice, see and appreciate the precious gift of living that for some is over way too soon.  We can find the clarity to move forward in an inspired and informed presence.
In this nourished pause, we can discover how to truly help others.

“This nothing is very much something.”

Please let me know how you like to take pause, and have a nourished weekend

With gratitude, love and Light,