Transcendence Beyond Religion

~a special talk with Anangamanjari devi dasi

Last Sunday’s Urban Devi sanga featured special guest, Anangamanjari Devi Dasi who spoke on Transcendence Beyond Religion.   Anangamanjari devi dasi has dedicated her life to the theological teachings of the Vedas and their spiritual practices for over 50 years under the guidance of her spiritual teacher, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami.

To listen to this inspiring talk, please click here or on the image below

Anangamanjari is an interfaith reverend doctor, counselor, and inspirational speaker, she shares her insights from a broad philosophical perspective that combines Western thoughts and experiences with the Eastern wisdom of the sages.  She offers us a practical and fresh perspective on how to live Bhakti-Love in the present day.

She is the mother of Visvambhar Sheth, inspirational speaker and kirtan music performer, Ganga Devi, Odissi performer/teacher, and Jamuna, creative artist/holistic practitioner.

Urban Devi is a monthly interactive women’s discussion circle that seeks to make spirituality accessible to women in the 21st century. Each session will focus on a theme based on topics that are of importance to women and will offer insight and practical applications from the practice of Bhakti Yoga.