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Tribute to Kadamba Kanana Maharaj

Hare Krishna dear friends,

Here is a beautiful tribute to Kadamba Kanana Maharaj by my dear friend Radhacaran Prabhu, who is now an initiating guru and preaching in China:

A Great Vaisnava has left this world today*, with so much inspiration and enough to keep us focused on service to Srila Prabhupada.

Maharaj was known all over the world for many things: his lectures, his kirtans, his preaching and his powered energy. 

But let us also remember that he was the mastermind behind Srila Prabhupada samadhi. He was also behind the construction of Srila Prabhupada samadhi in Mayapur. He also risked his life to secure the land adjacent to the KB Mandir. But wait, there is more. He was the general manager for the KB Mandir in the 80s. BB Govinda Swami was the temple president and I was made the head cook. That was 1983.

When I took up my service, Kadamba Kanana Maharaj said, “Follow me.” We went to the top floor of the gurukula building. He gave me a set of keys to a room that was full with dozens of tins of 10kg pure ghee. “Use it wisely,” he said. 

Kadamba Kanana Maharaj never missed a mangal arati and loved to sing Vibhavari Sesa. Did you know he spoke fluent Hindi?

You may recall how he always had his sleeves rolled up. He was always ready to get to work to make things happen. Basically, he never stopped. Thank you Maharaj.

I did not personally know Kadamba Kanana Maharaj, but last year at Rathayatra in New York, he walked by me, and I saw him, and I must have had such a sad face, knowing his condition, and he looked at me with a big smile, and said “Rukmini! Why the funeral face?!“

This great devotee, who walked in our midst, has shown us how to live, and how to leave this world in pure Krishna, consciousness, with a big smile! 

May we all be blessed to realize and follow your example, dear respected Maharaj! You will be embraced by Lord Sri Krishna, when you arrive!

All the best,
Rukmini Walker