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Welcoming the Cycles of Life

Below is a beautiful and inspiring reflection by Dhayana Masala to ring in the new year.  May it also be an inspiration for setting your own intentions.  All the best, Rukmini Walker

I truly believe that what will ultimately satisfy us is a deeper connection to our Self (+ our Source). I can spend so much time and so much energy trying to fill a void or “become” someone. I can cultivate so many things and make so much money, spending so much time focusing my attention out there, thinking that once it’s all a certain way then I can relax; then I’ll be successful; then I’ll be beautiful, worthy, okay.

I spend so much time trying to fix, change and alter the world outside of me that I forget that if I don’t feel worthy, nothing outside of me will make me feel worthy. If I don’t feel beautiful, connected, lovable… nothing outside of me will affirm these things. If I don’t feel anchored into a part of me that knows how to trust, feel, love and believe – then I am hardly living at all.

If I get stuck in the idea that if I don’t do, nothing will happen… I have forgotten that there is a Source much greater than myself that I can be fully and wholly held by – that is orchestrating a life for me beyond my wildest dreams. If I can let go of my need to control and micro-manage my life, I can surrender to a much greater force that is always there in the background, guiding me. I can actually trust. And I can actually listen.

 I remember that the real work is always within –

– in anchoring into a part of myself that is steady, as the world around me inevitably changes.

– in remembering to remember: to take the time to actually slow down enough to listen. To quiet my thoughts. To know who I really am, beyond my mind, my roles and my position.

– to know my innate worthiness and innate value, because I am a spark of His splendor, and here with a divine purpose that I will only touch if I am present enough to actually be in my life.

I want to stop missing it.

Stop missing my life because I’m trying to fix, change or control it.

And that’s my intention for the year.

First, letting go.

And then we’ll see what life asks of me.

I am open.

Sending all of my love.


Dhyana Masla was born to a family of Bhakti Yoga practitioners, with the practices and teachings of Ayurveda weaved seamlessly throughout her life. Growing up around her father’s retreat center, she was trained in all of the healing modalities that he offers, and witnessed, first hand, the profound healing that happens when the principles of Ayurveda are applied in one’s daily life.

She received her degree in Yoga & Psychology at Naropa University, and in 2011, along with her sister and father, founded YogaVeda; the Yoga Alliance certified school for uniting the philosophy, lifestyle, and sciences of Yoga & Ayurveda.

She is the author of Ayurveda Mama and an Ayurveda Health Counselor and educator, specialized in guiding groups and individuals on transformative and healing journeys. Through her Yoga and Ayurveda trainings, she empowers countless individuals to become healers in their own homes and to live a life of real meaning.

You can follow Dhyana on ​her website and on Instagram @dhyana.Masla