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What We Live For, What We Die For

~by Rukmini Walker



I live in the suburbs of Washington, DC, about eighteen miles from the center of government of the United States. Yesterday, supporters of the President who’d lost his bid for re-election stormed the US Capitol Building, violently breaking windows and forcibly entering the building while a session of Congress was in session.

What’s in the past been a mere ritual of officially confirming the next president, was disrupted yesterday by violence and aggression. A woman was shot and later died. Today we heard that an additional three people had died. Our time in this world is so fragile.

Each of us chooses from moment to moment what we decide to live for, and what to die for. Moments strung together become days, then years, and then a life. Intention matters, consciousness matters, and each creates our destiny.

Human life is a rare gift in an evolution through millions of lives. Can this gift of life be offered back to The Giver of life, in a way that outlasts this temporal existence? Tiny moments offered with loving intention take on an eternal quality.

What do I choose to live for? What do I choose to die for?

All the best,

Rukmini Walker