The Sleeping Full-Moon Beauty of Vrindavan

The nature of Krishna’s spiritual pastimes is such that every step is a dance, every word is a song and every action has multiple layers of meanings in it. Glorious are poets like Śrī Harisūri who reveal to us these immensely deep meanings even in those activities of the Lord that may appear to have […]

Kite-runners in Jaipur

Jaipur, India January 8th, 2019 We are in India right now, in Jaipur, in the state of Rajasthan, (“the place of the rajas, or kings”).  The Jaipur Kite Festival is starting soon, but delighted children are preempting its beginning from every rooftop in the neighborhood. Colorful kites are soaring in the skies competing with the […]


Musician Jahnavi Harrison examines the ancient practice of mantra recitation and charts the spread of mantras from their Eastern origins to Western pop-culture. The origin of the word ‘mantra’ lies in the ancient Sanskrit language. It means literally ‘mana’ or mind/heart and ‘tra’ to transport or transcend. In a religious context, Jahnavi explains, a mantra […]

In Search of Govardhan

This year, and last year at the same time, from the middle of November until the middle of December, I was attending two retreats in the valley of the Govardhan Hill, in the most sacred part of Sri Vrndavan Dham, in India, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in the district of Mathura. Devoted people […]


By Ananda Vrindavan Devi Dasi When will I walk The path entering vrindavan When will I be ready? It waits for me I see it in the shadows of My early morning chants When will I be fully turned In the direction of that place When will I be fully drawn in When will I […]

Intention, Attention, and Affection…in the Coming Year

December 31, 2018 Where would I like to be at this time next year? In my mind, in my heart, in my practice, in my relationships, in my daily life? As one year fades into the next, we see patterns that are often so difficult to change. Gandhi has said… If I want to place […]

A Reservoir of Love

By Ananda Vrindavan Devi Dasi ——- The Bhagavad-gita means The Song of God But oh how we forget to sing it To ourselves and others This song make the heart brave As it makes its way Into the heart of the soul Which is connected Since time immemorial to The reservoir of original love The […]

Help Me Meet You

-by Acyuta Gopi Someone can love you with all their heart and still, not be ready to meet you on the bridge. That place where soulmates meet and join hands to make it to the other side of life, both better for the experience. I have heard that opinion over and over again. And yet…everyday […]

Unwrapping Christmas

If we want to unwrap the real meaning of Christmas, then we need to look beneath the tinsel and feel grateful to the Giver of all things before even opening the box. Last year I was honored to give a talk “Appreciative Love – Gratitude: A Christmas Special“, while in India for ISKCON Desire Tree on Christmas […]