Vyasa Puja Offering to Srila Prabhupada

~by Rukmini Walker Every year on the “appearance” day of the spiritual master, disciples write an offering expressing their appreciation. The celebration of that day is called, Vyasa Puja, because the spiritual master is a representative of Srila Vyasadev, the author of Vedic literature. Instead of saying “birthday” the word appearance is used because it’s said […]

Krsna Janmastami

The Appearance Day of Lord Sri Krsna is called Krsna Janmastami and will be celebrated Tuesday, August 11th. Lord Krsna is called the Supreme Personality of Godhead although He contains within Himself both personal and impersonal aspects. As Brahman, He is the undifferentiated oneness that exists everywhere; as Paramatma, He is the Supersoul within each of […]

A Letter To Our Future Selves

This piece is being featured in “The Emergence of Women’s Voices in ISKCON” a written documentary of the voices of the first-generation pioneer women of ISKCON.  Thirty-three authors speak about their relationships with Srila Prabhupada, what women bring to Krishna consciousness, and the importance of women’s voices in ISKCON. My “Letter to our Future Selves” […]

Troubleshooting relationships

~a special talk with Uttama devi dasi This month’s Urban Devi sanga featured special guest, Uttama devi dasi discussing how to troubleshoot relationships.  Good relationships are essential for our mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Navigating conflict is inevitable.  Utamma talks about how we can learn to do it respectfully. To listen to this inspiring […]

How to Fight and Win the Relationship

~a talk with Rukmini and Anuttama Walker In this special session presented by Vaishnavi Ministry of North America, Rukmini Walker Devi and her husband Anuttama Das speak to us on the topic of how to fight and win the relationship. In any relationship sometimes things are smooth sailing and sometimes there can be friction. Sometimes a […]

Flourishing in Your Dharma

~presented by Rukmini Walker Last week, Rukmini gave a talk on the Srimad Bhagavatam First Canto, 9th Chapter, 5th Verse in New Vrindaban, WV.  In this talk, Rukmini reflects on how to appreciate and forgive ourselves and others, and give our lives to supporting the flourishing of dharma. To listen to the audio recording of this […]

Living in the Season: Summer

~by Susan Weiser Mason and George Mason Here in Damariscotta Mills the Summer is full on. Flowers are blooming profusely and veggies are exploding out of what once were neat rows. Life is abundant, and a bit over the top! Before Covid, this was the season when I used to walk to the swimming hole […]

Engaged Bhakti podcast with Rukmini Walker

featuring Rukmini Walker in an interview with Krishna Kishore Dasa In this Engaged Bhakti podcast episode, Krishna Kishore Dasa (Dr. Christopher Fici) holds an enlivening discussion with Rukmini Walker on the meaning of women’s empowerment in spiritual life and how we can understand and express the ideal balance of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine in our everyday lives. […]

Journeying Beyond the Festival

an interview with Rukmini devi dasi This year, ISKCON Toronto turned its biggest festival of the year in to a virtual one — Festival of India. Celebrations took place over twelve days.  Rukmini Walker gave the last spiritual seminar of the festival on the last day called, Journeying Beyond the Festival.  She shared reflections about the mood […]