Rethinking the Holidays

By Lisa Day Lewis As we approach yet another holiday season in the United States, I invite readers to consider a new approach to celebration and the creation and perpetuation of family traditions. Currently cultural norms dictate celebrating by engaging in excess, extravagance and often glutinous behaviors.  While these traditions may be wrapped up with […]

Six Exchanges of Love

Krishnanandini is a dear god-sister who grew up in the tough neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio. Now she is in Vrndavan receiving Ayurvedic treatment for advanced cancer, and HH Radhanatha Swami Maharaj came to visit her.  Below, Mother Krishnanandini shares a very important insight on “six exchanges of love”.   Please keep her in your prayers!  All the […]

A Weed is a Flower in the Wrong Pot

by Rukmini Walker ~Part 2 of a series on Gardening of the Soul~ Click here to listen to the audio recording of this blog, read by the author: Blog text begins here….. To cultivate bhakti, is to cultivate the inner garden of your heart. This cultivation is compared to a tender, wish – fulfilling creeper […]

Damodarastakam prayers

Click below to listen to a beautiful recording of Gaura Vani and Sri Vani Devi Dasi together singing the Damodarastakam prayers. Every year for one month we offer a special 8 verse prayer to Krishna called Damodarastakam. It is sung either in the morning or the evening along with the offering of a ghee lamp. This […]

Why Does Srimati Radharani Give Us Darshan Of Her Divine Lotus Feet On Gopastami?

~Pastimes from Vrindavan~ Today Special Gopastami Darshan of Radharani’s Lotus Feet! WHY DOES SRIMATI RADHARANI GIVE US DARSAN OF HER DIVINE LOTUS FEET ON GOPASTAMI? The eighth day of Kartika’s bright fortnight marks an important day in Krishna’s Vrindavan pastimes, his initiation as a full-fledged cow-herder. This day, known as Gopastami, is the day Krishna […]

To Be Or Not To Be

Presented by ~ Urmila Devi Dasi & Radhika Raman Das, at the ISKCON of DC, Potomac Temple In this lecture Urmila Devi Dasi and Radhika Raman Das, members of a visiting group of Vaishnava scholars dialogue, explore the personal and impersonal understanding of God, and how it is resolved in the Bhakti practice and philosophy.  Please click […]

12 Truths I Learned from Life and Writing

Anne Lamott is one of my favorite Christian writers. She’s so humble, real, irreverent, funny and down-to-earth. I think we can all learn a lot from her about not taking ourselves and our walking of the spiritual path so seriously – I mean in a glum sort of way. I think a serious spiritual practitioner […]

Grateful Changemakers: TreeSisters

-by the Gratefulness Team TreeSisters invites everyone to be in a relationship of radical generosity with the Earth and to assume leadership in ways that inspire others to do the same. Here in our feature “Grateful Changemakers”, we celebrate programs and projects that serve as beacons of gratefulness. These efforts elevate the values of grateful […]

Govardhan Shelter

nija-nikata-nivasam dehi govardhana tvam “O Govardhan, please give me shelter near you.” ~ Srila Raghunath Das Goswami “Those who want to love God adopt the same spirit of one-pointed determination as the dualists and the same mood of utter humility and meekness, a necessary attitude for them to overcome the gulf separating a tiny soul […]

Being Human

I love this poem. Observing nature as though with empathy, being so conscious of my own trepidation and the uncertainty of being human. “…and still dancing when the wind blows.” ~ Rukmini Walker by Naima I wonder if the sun debates dawn some mornings not wanting to rise out of bed from under the down-feather […]