It’s So Simple, You Could Miss It

~by Rukmini Walker  —– To listen to the audio version of the blog, please click here: It’s morning. I’m listening to a recording of a talk given in London by my guru, Srila Prabhupada. He often likes to cite parallels from ordinary life experiences, but today, I was struck hearing this one in particular. He […]

The Pandemic Pause Brings Us Closer

An interview by Suhag Shukla with Rukmini Walker Suhag Shukla is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Hindu American Foundation ( She asked me to share my thoughts on our current world situation from a perspective of Bhakti Yoga.  Click here to listen to the interview Blessings, Rukmini Walker

How I Prepare for Life’s Final Exam with Krsnanandini and Family

An Interview by Anuttama Das, ISKCON GBC Strategic Planning Team My dear godsister, Krsnanandini is a guru to us all. She has been dealing with advanced cancer with grace, deep gratitude, and meditation on her sweet Lord Krsna.  Krsnanandini was recently sent to hospice care as her cancer has become unmanageable and she must now prepare herself, […]

Our Kirtan went Viral – by Kishori Jani

~An interview with Kishore Jani~ Kishori Jani is a second generation devotee, born to two senior disciples of Srila Prabhupada. She had a unique upbringing that spanned both India and the USA. She is married to Birju Jani and together they have four young children all under the age of nine. She participated in the […]

O Bird of My Heart…

Inspired by Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur’s “Keno Hare Krsna Nam” by Divya Alter ——- O bird of my heart, I know you long to be free. Set your sorrow apart, the holy name is the key.  Why can’t you cry while chanting Krsna’s name sublime?  Why do you try to fit in Maya’s paradigm?  What sins […]

Living In The Season: Spring

Here is a deep meditation on entering into the Spring season, written by my sister, Susan and her husband George. They live in central coastal Maine where the Spring arrives later than many places of the world. Susan practices Five Element Acupuncture and what they offer here is informed by the wisdom of her practice. […]

Feminine Energy on the Bhakti Path – an Interview with Rukmini Walker

In this Wisdom of the Sages podcast, Raghunath Cappo and Kaustubha Das interview Rukmini Walker founder of Urban Devi. Bhakti pioneer and Urban Devi founder, Rukmini Walker was our guest on Sunday morning. She has a fascinating history and a ton to share. We’ll be speaking with her about the early days of the Bhakti movement in […]

Calm, Confident and Courageous Life with Madhvacarya

Madhvacarya Das is a deeply realized practitioner of Bhakti Yoga. He is also an anesthesiologist working long hours at a hospital in the Washington, DC area. This hospital is now completely converted to dealing with Covid-19 patients. He is the one who is most at risk dealing face to face with these patients. Listen intently […]

The Appearance Day of the Half Lion, Half Man Avatar

by Rukmini Walker In this world there’s a tension between those who act to uplift the world, and those who exploit others thinking they will rise by pushing others down. The Appearance of the Half Man/Half Lion avatar Nara (man) Simha (lion) is a drama showing the universal dichotomy between those who try to exploit […]